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Our Story

Established in 2014 Nature’s Jeannie™ was founded by a husband and wife team that bring over 40 years combined experience in Consumer Packaged Goods and Commodities, related to Marketing, Innovation, Manufacturing & Procurement for independent, Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

What started out as a single mission to develop a robust comprehensive sore throat remedy for personal reasons grew into a full blown mission for this duo.

“Being prone to sore throats, I grew sick and tired of having to accept there is nothing I could do about my sore throat but take throat lozenges to soothe, or gargle with salt-water to decrease inflammation,” says Juliet A. Boghossian, President/Founder. The goal was to develop a recipe that addressed TOTAL throat care – from sustained pain relief to bacteria control, from decreasing inflammation to loosening mucus, and finally restoring a natural pH balance to support normal throat health.

After 3 years of finesse, and independent lab tests to confirm its effectiveness, Gargle Away® Advanced Throat Care earned patent status for its recipe, related claims and delivery systems. This husband and wife team gave up their executive day jobs to invest their full attention on bringing Gargle Away® to market for everyone to benefit from.

In bringing Gargle Away® to market, the founders became inspired to create a hub of innovative, high-quality, relevant, natural products related to whole body wellness. We look forward to nourishing your senses, relaxing your mind, healing your body, invigorating your self and creating balance in your life.

From the makers of Gargle Away®. Your wellness partner.

Michael Tatosian, CEO

"Our formula is simple. Does it work? Does it meet and exceed a need? Does it support wellness naturally? If we answer yes to all 3 questions, then Nature’s Jeannie finds it worthy for our customers.”

Juliet A. Boghossian, President

"Our mission is to offer our customers whole body, wholesome, wellness. If we have healed you, empowered you, educated you - then we have done our job.”  

"Thank you so much for sharing Gargle Away with the world! I definitely needed it for my laryngitis and this stuff is amazing!! I am forever a supporter of Gargle Away." With gratitude, Miss Silvia - Teacher, Montessori School, CA

"I had a terrible sore throat last week and tried Gargle Away for the first time. Had to write in and let you guys know what an amazing product you have! First gargle and my throat was relieved for a good hour or so. Gargled again right before bed and the next morning my throat was significantly better. Very impressed!"