10 Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself

10 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Yourself

When you practice self-care, you are caring for both your body and mind. Life can be hectic. Between work, chores, and errands, it’s all too easy to stop doing what’s best for you, and simply do what’s efficient. Well, no more. When you take care of yourself, life is smoother, and you feel better.

Here are 10 simple ways to do just that:


  1. “If You Can’t Say Nothin’ Nice…”

Finish the sentence, you know you can. Taking care of yourself means treating yourself right. It means cutting out the internal negative self-talk. When you catch yourself feeling bad about yourself, stop and take the time to change the narrative. Remind yourself that even when you fail, you grow—actually, especially when you fail, you grow.

  1. Take a Walk

Not only is it super important to get active, but walking is a great way to clear your mind and connect with your surroundings. Get outside and smell the fresh air, take in the meditative sound of your footsteps, and enjoy the sunshine. Afterwards, you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed.

  1. Stay Hydrated

This one belongs at the top of your self-care priority list! Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, avoid sugary soft drinks, and keep alcohol to a minimum. Your body thrives on water, and when you’re properly hydrated you’ll feel better.

  1. Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is right up there with staying hydrated. When you’re giving your body the right vitamins and nutrients and being conscious about sugars, fats, preservatives—all that bad stuff—your body will thank you.

  1. Focus On Overall Physical Health

Getting sick puts a strain on any body. It’s important to be as prepared as possible. Make sure to stock up on some key all natural OTC’s BEFORE you actually feel a sickness coming on so you are ready to support your health promptly for the best recovery time. For example, Gargle Away® by Nature’s Jeannie™ is great to use the moment you feel your throat getting sore, itchy, scratchy, dry or irritated. The all natural, gluten free recipe doesn’t come with any unpleasant side effects and acts fast to soothe pain, reduce bacteria and help restore the natural pH in your mouth creating an environment where bacteria struggles to survive. Just mix the contents of one packet of Gargle Away into ½ cup of hot water, wait for it to cool down to a warm safe temperature, and then gargle, spit and repeat. This will reduce any inflammation you may have, loosen mucus, and coat your throat. Available at Amazon.com, Wegmans Food Markets, Discount Drug Mart, Stop & Shop Supermarkets, Giant Carlise, Giant Landover and other select retailers.

  1. Catch Some Z’s

Sleep is vital, and doesn’t it feel great to fall into your warm, comfy bed at the end of a long day anyways? Pile up on the blankets and pillows and get comfortable. With a full 8 hours of sleep in your pocket, you’ll feel energized, focused, and creative.

  1. Value “Me Time”

Taking time for yourself when there are others who demand your attention might seem selfish, but you need to recharge once in a while! Curl up with a good book, spend time with some friends, watch your favorite movie, treat yourself to a spa day—whatever you love to do to relax.

  1. Clean Up

You know what feels great? A clean home. If you’re stretched thin on time, just take a couple minutes to walk around and pick things up and put them in a basket to sort out later. A clear space is a clear mind.

  1. Write It Down

If you haven’t tried journaling, give it a go. Writing down your thoughts is a great way to deal with stress and work out problems.

  1. Take a Deep Breath

Remember to breathe. When things are hectic and you’re feeling stressed, take a few deep breaths, maybe stretch a little, and remind yourself that you can accomplish anything.

Now that you have some ideas, we hope you’ll take advantage of them and take care of yourself! Do you have some de-stressing techniques you want to share with us? Comment below! We’d love to hear from you.