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Tips to Prevent Your Sore Throat from Getting Worse

A minor sore throat can develop into a severe cough if appropriate care is not taken. This chronic disease demands medication as well as prevention in order to heal. When a sore throat enters a more severe stage, you are more likely to suffer from increased irritation and scratchiness, deepening of the voice tone, and…

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Top 3 Practices to Improve Oral Care

The importance of oral care cannot be taken for granted. Maintaining good oral hygiene helps prevent all sorts of dental problems such as gum infections, cavities, plaque, and even sores. The underlying message is that everyone needs oral care on a daily basis. This is not the only reason that you must maintain good oral…

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More Bang for the Gargle

Salt water gargling is one of those age-old treatments that has been used for many years to help ease the pain of a sore throat. When you gargle with salt water, osmosis takes place in your swollen throat; the salt actually leeches moisture from swollen tissue making the swelling go down and prevents bacteria from…

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