7 Home Remedies for a Stuffy Nose

7 Home Remedies for a Stuffy Nose

Whether it’s from allergies or illness, a stuffy nose can really put a damper on your day-to-day wellbeing. It’s an annoying problem to have, but it’s not one you have to helplessly suffer through. Get some relief with these techniques and free yourself from the sniffles today.


1) Use Aromatics


Natural ingredients can be the key to opening up your sinuses. From eucalyptus and peppermint to ginger and hot peppers, inhaling, drinking or eating aromatics can really help clear out the blockage that’s stuffing up your nose. Herbs and spices like eucalyptus, peppermint and ginger are best for inhaling, while hot peppers should be relegated to food or drink only.


2) Massage Your Sinuses


Applying gentle pressure to the areas on your face that cover your sinuses may actually help relieve pain and loosen up mucus. Try gently pressing your fingers and rolling them in a circular motion on your upper cheekbones close to your nose, the space between your eyebrows and the bridge of your nose between your eyes. You may be surprised to feel better airflow immediately after your massage!


3) Address Allergy Issues


Giving your house a deep clean can help lessen the annoyance of a stuffy nose. Issues like dust buildup, clogged HVAC system filters and even an old, dirty pillow on the bed can cause problems for your respiratory health. Sometimes, treating the cause, not the symptom, is the best way to get relief from your runny nose and painful sinuses.


4) Gargle


Runny nose symptoms can extend beyond your face and down into your throat. If you’re experiencing post-nasal drip, a condition that causes mucus to drain from the sinuses into the throat, gargle with an all-natural throat care formula to clear up that congestion and lessen the overall strain of your congestion. Gargle Away® by Nature’s Jeannie™ includes a powerful blend of all-natural and highly soothing ingredients that not only will help reduce bacteria, it also helps clear nasal drip, leaving your throat and sinus area clear. If you combine this solution with other cures on this list, you’ll take a multifaceted approach to the problem for faster relief.


5) Drain Your Sinuses


Blowing your nose may seem like a basic step, but it can be easy to forget to keep a tissue or handkerchief nearby. Prioritize blowing your nose rather than inhaling the mucus back in. Some bogus medical advice suggests that blowing your nose can actually be harmful, but there’s no real evidence to back that idea up.


6) Get Some Rest


If your nose is running because you’re sick, it’s time to take a break and get some rest. Sleeping more is a great idea, especially if you’re only just starting to get sick. Getting adequate rest can help you stop a cold in its tracks, so make time to go to bed early.


7) Use a Neti Pot


More and more doctors are starting to recommend an ancient solution for a stuffy nose: the neti pot. It may seem like a weird idea at first, but rinsing out your sinuses with saline solution really can make a difference in how stuffed up you feel.


Having a stuffy nose is never fun and finding fast relief is always on your mind once you have one. The remedies above will definitely help you go through your day and night stuffy-free. Do you have a remedy not mentioned above you’d like to share? Comment in the section below!