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Our Story

Established in 2014 Nature’s Jeannie was founded by a husband and wife team with 40+ years of combined experience in consumer packaged goods and commodities for Fortune 100, Fortune 500 and privately owned companies.

What started out as a personal mission to do away with constant antibiotic use - due to recurring Strep throat - turned into a full blown global mission to develop natural-first alternatives to wellness.

Being prone to sore throats all my life, I grew sick and tired of having to accept there is nothing proactive I could do about my sore throat at the onset of throat discomfort. It was a wicked cycle! Pain sets in, limited to pain maskers or salt-gargle, pain/severity continues 2-3 days until germs have thrived enough for a throat culture, diagnosed with Strep, provided another dose of antibiotics - averaging 3-4 times a year!

On-going use of antibiotics poses dire health effects, short and long-term. I had to find a natural-approach with powerful antibacterial properties to take the moment throat discomfort set in. If there was a chance to rid the bacteria before it got worse, I had to try at least. Even if it saved me two rounds of antibiotics in one year, then I succeeded. Otherwise, my throat was no different than a Petri dish growing germs strong enough just to medicate myself later. Why not nip it early in the growth process?

After 3 years of research, testing, finesse, and independent lab tests to confirm its effectiveness, Gargle Away® Advanced Throat Care was born. The product earned patent status in 2014 and was introduced to the market January'2015.

In bringing Gargle Away to market, many parents requested a children's format. Nature's Jeannie Throat Care Spray for Kid's 3+ was born. Equally powerful, all natural and a proactive remedy to fight germs.

Inspired by our customer's letters asking for more natural alternatives to whole body wellness, we set out to do just that! We look forward to continue developing useful, effective, much-needed natural alternatives to total wellness.

We appreciate your loyalty and interest in Nature's Jeannie.

- Juliet, Founder & President 

Michael Tatosian, CEO

"Our formula is simple. Does it work? Does it meet and exceed a need? Does it support wellness naturally? If we answer yes to all 3 questions, then Nature’s Jeannie finds it worthy for our customers.”

Leonard Krause, Compliance Director

Leonard brings 25+ years of expertise supporting Nature's Jeannie with regulatory compliance with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and offers global market research to support new product development. 

Juliet A. Boghossian, President

"Our mission is to offer our customers the tools to live well naturally. To provide innovative, high performance, natural alternatives to heal, enhance and empower whole body wellness."

"Thank you so much for sharing Gargle Away with the world! I definitely needed it for my laryngitis and this stuff is amazing!! I am forever a supporter of Gargle Away." With gratitude, Miss Silvia - Teacher, Montessori School, CA

"I had a terrible sore throat last week and tried Gargle Away for the first time. Had to write in and let you guys know what an amazing product you have! First gargle and my throat was relieved for a good hour or so. Gargled again right before bed and the next morning my throat was significantly better. Very impressed!"