Back to School Musts


Thorough back-to-school prep goes further than new pairs of shoes and a fresh haircut. Get your kids ready for an exciting year of learning and discovery with these essential steps.


Hand Sanitizer


Clean hands are one of the most important elements of health and wellness at any age, but it’s an especially important consideration for kids at school. For all their charms, children often aren’t terribly concerned with cleanliness, but you can give your kid the tools to combat that. Start with a small, portable bottle of liquid hand sanitizer in a carrying case that can clip onto a backpack or lunch box. You may also want to keep some hand sanitizer in your car if you drive your children to and from school so they can clean their hands as soon as you pick them up.


Motivational Charts


Charts that track behavior, academic accomplishments and completed tasks such as homework and chores can be great motivators for kids. Have your kids pick out stickers or stamps that they really like and make a chart for each day of the school week so you can place stickers for each accomplishment on each day. When your kid gets 10 or so consecutive days stickers, you can give him or her a bigger treat. If 10 is too much of a challenge, aim lower and gradually build up to longer stretches.


Sore Throat Protection and Treatment


According to the U.S. Census Bureau children contract sore throats 5-6 times per year on average. It’s no surprise why. Those little fingers touching a myriad of bacteria-ridden surfaces all day followed by, you guessed it, fingers in the mouth! Whether a sore throat is viral or bacterial, immediate remedy the moment your child complains of the sore, itchy or irritated throat is crucial to soothe and/or recover from it before it turns into a much bigger problem. For example, Strep. Best pick for timely throat care is Nature’s Jeannie Throat Care Spray for Kids – the most comprehensive and effective throat care available. Does more than just soothe pain to mask the problem that can continue to get worse with time. This product provides the soothing relief, but most important it helps reduce the strep bacteria by 99% at the onset of the first symptoms, loosen mucus and soothe cough instantly. Bonus: It is made with all-natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegar and Mediterranean oregano to name a few of the powerful ingredients included. No chemicals. No alcohol. No non-sense timely throat care.


Sleep Schedule Management


Sleep is also essential for keeping kids healthy, and it can have an impact on their mood and focus as well. The key is to make sure your kid knows when bedtime is so he or she can get a full 8 hours of rest each night before waking up to get to school on time. Setting an alarm on your smartphone or your kid’s phone can be helpful for reminding both of you when bedtime should commence.


Hydration Stations


Kids should drink plenty of water to maintain their health and mental energy as well. With a reusable water bottle (or two) in backpacks and lunch bags, your kids will never lack an appropriate source of hydration. You can also keep water bottles in the car if you drive your kids to and from school so you can remind them to drink up.


These tools and techniques keep kids healthy, well-behaved, energized and ready to do their best in school. With planning and plenty of encouragement, you’ll give your children the boost they need to soak up all the knowledge they can and develop their personalities for a bright future.