Busting the Top 5 Myths Surrounding Sore Throats

Busting the Top 5 Myths Surrounding Sore Throats

There’s nothing more annoying than a sore throat. An ordinary sore throat begins with minor scratchiness and ends up being extremely dry, throbbing and sensitive. This is where age-old remedies make an appearance. From rubbing garlic on the soles of our feet to gargling with salt and water to ease the pain, there is no limit to the number of ‘natural’ treatments out there.

However, while some of them do work, there are others that are mere myths. Read below to bust the top 5 myths about sore throats:

Myth#1 – Winters Cause Sore Throats!

Truth: The truth is that as much as 90-95% of all sore throats result from viral infections, not cold weather. It is true that we tend to catch colds and coughs more during winters. However, coming into contact with people who are already suffering from a sore throat is the main cause.

Additionally, there is limited evidence to suggest that changes in temperature can cause a sore throat.

Myth#2 – Sore Throats Cannot Be Prevented

Truth: Many people still believe that sore throats cannot be prevented at all. It is true that it’s hard to prevent one since it spreads from bacterial or viral infections, but there are ways of prevention that can limit the risk.

Some important and useful tips that can guard you against sore throats are washing hands regularly to get rid of any or all bacteria and keeping the house & items clean especially if a family member is already suffering from the illness.

Myth#3 – Children and Teenagers Are Least Likely To Suffer From Sore Throats

Truth: The reality is that children are more prone to such diseases because they are too young to develop immunity to shield themselves against bacteria and viruses. According to the U.S. Census Bureau for Sore Throat Occurrences per year, a child suffers from sore throat an average 8 times a year!

Myth#4 – Smoking Doesn’t Cause Sore Throat

Truth: Smoking or being present in a smoky environment can cause one’s throat to become sore or make an existing one worse. Moreover, the smell of paint and other products that have a strong odor can easily irritate the throat.

Myth#5 – Consuming Cold Liquids or Foods Will Help Soothe Your Sore Throat

Truth: While consuming some cold liquids and/or foods will help eliminate some discomfort, cold foods/drinks that are milk-based such as ice-cream, milkshakes and yogurts must be avoided as it thickens the mucus and will ultimately make your sore throat worse.

Now that you know the MYTHS, get the TIPS!

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