Vocal Care

5 Easy Tips for a Healthy Throat

If you are a professional singer or speaker, you probably already know the importance of keeping good throat health. But as for the rest of us, we might not pay much attention to our throats until we notice something wrong: soreness, irritation, and drainage. Your throat is made up of tissues, nerves, glands, and blood…

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How to Physically Prepare for your Next Big Presentation

Preparing for your next big presentation? Aside from planning, writing, and practicing your speech, there are important steps you should take to make sure you are physically ready for the big day. Whether you’re a seasoned champ or decidedly nervous about public speaking, these tips are sure to make you feel confident and self-assured when…

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Top 7 Tips for a Healthy Voice Box with Longevity

Pianists tune their pianos as singers preserve their voice. Regardless of the instrument, proper maintenance is critical to sustaining musical quality and longevity. Photo: Shutterstock Here are seven vocal maintenance routines to support a healthy singing voice with year-round endurance. Never skip a warm-up. Warming up your voice before practice or a major performance is…

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