Gargle Away® All-Natural, Gluten-Free, Sore Throat Remedy with On-the-Go Convenience Launches At ECRM


Independent Lab Tests Prove a 99.9% Reduction of Staph-aureus upon first use Combats Bacteria Control, Soothes and Coats Throat 

LOS ANGELES, California – All-natural comprehensive throat care remedy Gargle Away was patented in 2011 and makes its debut at the ECRM Cough and Cold show on February 15 – 19, 2015 in Henderson, Nevada with two convenient, on-the-go formats: K-CUPS and single packets. Unlike competing products, Gargle Away’s Advanced Formula Throat Gargle is gluten-free, independent lab-tested proving utility as a sore throat remedy, contains triple-action bacteria control and triple-action soothing ingredients to support normal throat health.

Based on the age-old home remedy of gargling with warm salt water to heal sore throats, Gargle Away was invented by President Juliet A. Boghossian, a former CPG retail food and luxury goods executive who through her extensive traveling would constantly fight the battles of catching a sore throat. The idea was born out of her frustrations of making mediocre home-spun salt water concoctions during her travels under compromising circumstances.

“Over the years I played with the traditional salt water recipe to achieve heightened bacteria control and lasting relief. Eventually, I came up with a pretty potent and effective throat gargle recipe I would take with me on business trips,” says Juliet A. Boghossian, President of Gargle Away. “I hate to gargle, but my recipe delivered instant, lasting, comprehensive benefits for me upon first use – so the process was worth it,” explained Boghossian.

According to independent laboratory, Food Safety Net Services, “the antimicrobial action of Gargle Away’s formula reduced the S.aureus bacteria by 99.9% upon first use, and thus has utility in being used as a sore throat remedy.” S.aureus is one of the most common bacteria. “Some bacteria, such as Staph, have learned to cope with high salt concentrations and can live in saline waters,” says Dr. Wassenaar, Curator of the Virtual Museum of Bacteria. “This makes a salt-only throat gargle potentially ineffective against one of the most common bacteria,” explained Boghossian.

It wasn’t until her father was hospitalized for mistakenly using too much salt in one of his gargles to help his sore throat that she realized it was necessary to share her advanced formula throat gargle in convenient formats for the mass market. “Suddenly providing convenience took on a whole new meaning – it had to be easy-to-use in single-doses for safety purposes as well,” says Juliet A. Boghossian, President of Gargle Away. “And it had to be consumer relevant. 35 million U.S. homes use single-serve brewing machines, and that number is rising exponentially, so we knew a recyclable K-Cup variety of the Gargle Away product was a must,” explained Boghossian.

Gargle Away’s formula combines triple-action bacteria control, triple-action soothing ingredients and apple cider vinegar to neutralize the pH balance to support normal throat health. Gargle Away eliminates the guesswork and hassle out of homemade remedies. It is pre-portioned in single-doses, easy-to-use, and available in Single-Serve Cups and packet formats. It’s also convenient for travel and easy to store, encouraging prompt use the moment you need throat care. Gargle Away comes in a sweet and savory oregano flavor making it pleasant to use.

A Gargle Away 12-pack of Single-Serve Cups retails for $10.97; 10-pack of Packets retails for $8.97; 20-pack of Packets retails for $17.97. Gargle Away is available for purchase online at and select retailers to be announced.

About Gargle Away

Gargle Away® parent company, Nature’s JeannieTM was established in 2014. Nature’s JeannieTM improves age-old all- natural home remedies supporting wellness and empowering consumers with the wisdom of generations. Our products span from Cough/Cold (Throat Care) to First Aid and Dietary Supplements. The founders of Nature’s Jeannie Michael Tatosian, CEO and Juliet A. Boghossian, President brings over 40 years combined experience in CPG and Commodities, related to Marketing, Strategy, Innovation, Manufacturing, QC & Operations for independent, Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Nature’s Jeannie is built on R&D. We pride ourselves on thorough, tested, relevant innovation to earn consumer trust and loyalty, and a brand our retail partners are proud of. This year, we offer Gargle Away® Throat Care. A comprehensive throat care gargle with triple-action bacteria control and soothing properties in Single-Serve Cups and packet forms. Gargle Away® is a registered trademark since 2011 and was patented in 2011 for its proprietary blend and embodiment of a self-heating container for a sore-throat rinse and gargle that includes one continued claim for the single-serve cup, packet and dissolving tablet formats.