For Sore, Itchy, Scratchy, Irritated, Dry Throat, Laryngitis and Vocal Care



Available in 6-pack and 20-pack


 GARGLE AWAY Single-Serve Cups

May be used with or without a single-serve brewing machine. BREW, or MIX contents with hot water. Compatible with most single-serve brewing machines. Made of recyclable #5 material.

a powerful blend of germ-fighting, pain relieving and deep soothing ingredients

For generations, warm salt-water gargles have been used to relieve sore, scratchy and irritated throats. Gargle Away® improves on this tradition by adding a powerful blend of antibacterial, pain relieving and deep soothing ingredients that have been used by ancient healers and mothers for thousands of years - uniting ancient wisdom with modern science – for the most complete all-natural throat care available. And, it's gluten-free.

7 all natural ingredients.

7 healing benefits. 

Gargle Away® Throat Care:

  1. Soothes sore throat, laryngitis & vocal overuse Fast!
  2. Helps rinse away Strep & Staph-Aureus bacterias by 99%*
  3. Loosens tough mucus
  4. Decreases inflammation
  5. Helps restore natural pH balance
  6. Soothes cough
  7. Supports vocal care                                                                       
Gargle Away Sore Throat Care

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*Independent laboratory tested, by Food Safety Net Services, Gargle Away’s® antimicrobial action reduced the Staph-aureus bacteria by 99.9% and the Streptococcus "Strep" bacteria by 99.3%

**All ingredients and claims for Gargle Away® Throat Care and, Nature’s Jeannie™ Throat Care Spray for Kids, and their specific application can be considered folk remedies which have existed for generations and is in widespread distribution. Specific bacteria reduction claims based on the January 23, 2015 Challenge Study of Food Safety Net Services, an independent laboratory, concluding the antimicrobial action of Gargle Away® Throat Care by Nature’s Jeannie™ contributes at least a reduction of 99.9% of the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria and 99.3% reduction of Streptococcus bacteria, and thus has utility in being used as a sore throat remedy.

***Our single-serve cups are environmentally responsible made of Polypropylene # 5 recyclable material. Produced with a minimal carbon footprint, and post-recyclable.