Healthy Meals for a Healthy Body

Healthy Meals for a Healthy Body

One of the most important steps that we can take to promote health naturally is by eating healthy foods in healthy portions. Indeed—unhealthy eating habits are responsible for a wide range of ailments, ranging from high BMI, to heart and respiratory issues, to simply feeling a lack of energy. Here are 3 tips that everyone can take to feel better and live healthier!

#1. Make Smart Food Choices

Most people, especially those looking to lose weight, associate the words “healthy diet” with eating less. Though portion size is certainly an important health concern, it is equally essential to give notice to what you do eat. Eating only the recommended calorie intake will do very little to improve your overall health if your diet consists of empty calories and unwholesome foods. One common mistake that many people make is cutting out all foods in a certain group, or eating foods from certain groups more than others. All of us have heard that we should fill our plates with fruits and veggies for a nutritious diet, however it is necessary to hit all of the main food groups in order to be truly healthy. Vegetables and fruits definitely have their benefits, but it is a wise choice to have balance. One general rule is to eat a protein packed breakfast, as slow-burning protein energy can improve performance and concentration, while also helping you to feel fuller and reduce the risk of overeating later. Avoiding processed food is also prudent.

#2. Control Your Portion Size 

If you are like the majority of American adults, you struggle or have struggled with weight issues at some point. Controlling portion sizes is an indispensable component of maintaining a healthy weight and feeling great. Here are a few helpful tips that can help you eat healthy portion sizes while hardly noticing the difference.

  • Use smaller dishes. This will create the illusion that you are eating more.  If your food completely fills a small plate, it will create the illusion of being more robust.  If it only partially fills a larger plate, the meal will appear meager and skimpy.
  • Similarly, use tall glasses rather than wide ones. Once again, this all comes down to a question of perception; because a beverage will appear more ample if it is larger in height rather than wider.
  • Do not eat food directly from its package. If you want to avoid overeating, pre-portion your meals and do not allow yourself to go back for more.
  • Try to eat at home as much as possible. The portions sizes at restaurants are often larger than needed and can have a negative effect on the process of weight loss.(Your wallet will also benefit from such a change!)

#3. Practice Mindfulness 

Mindful eating simply means paying attention to what you are eating and truly enjoying it. Practice chewing your food thoroughly and appreciate the taste. This may be difficult at first, but in time you will learn to slow down and enjoy the food set in front of you. This is a simple yet effective tool for controlling eating portions that many believe encourages you to make healthier, more natural choices in your diet and in your lifestyle!

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