How to Physically Prepare for your Next Big Presentation

Be Presentation Ready

Preparing for your next big presentation? Aside from planning, writing, and practicing your speech, there are important steps you should take to make sure you are physically ready for the big day. Whether you’re a seasoned champ or decidedly nervous about public speaking, these tips are sure to make you feel confident and self-assured when it comes time to address the audience.

Dress the Part

One of the best ways to feel confident and prepared for your next speech is to dress the part. Choose your outfit a couple days in advance and you’ll find it even easier to imagine yourself delivering an incredible speech—and believing you are capable is half the battle. Opt for something professional in appearance, and consider the occasion; are you presenting in a more casual setting, like a college classroom, or are you presenting to a large audience at, say, a commencement ceremony? It’s usually better to aim a little higher if you’re unsure how much you need to dress up. You would rather look overly prepared than under-dressed.

Remember that style isn’t everything here. Comfort is just as, if not more, important! Make sure you are wearing breathable fabric, in case you’re under hot lights or you get nervous. Consider wearing a blazer or a sweater that you can remove if you get too hot. If you tend to fidget, make sure your sleeves are not too long, and that you are not wearing anything that might distract you while you are on stage. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing that you have to constantly adjust, and if you don’t feel comfortable in heels, wear flats!

Take Care of Your Throat

Stress can have a noticeable impact on your physical health, and to top it off, rehearsing your speech over and over can really strain your throat. You want to feel your absolute best on the day of your presentation. Relax, drink some soothing hot tea, and try Gargle Away® Advanced Throat Care by Nature’s Jeannie™. The all natural, gluten free formula doesn’t come with any unpleasant side effects and acts fast to soothe dry, itchy, scratchy, irritated throat and get it presentation-ready. Before your big presentation, just mix the contents of one packet of Gargle Away into ½ cup of hot water, wait for it to cool down to a warm safe temperature, and then gargle and spit and repeat. This will reduce any inflammation you may have, loosen mucus, and coat your throat. Available at, Wegmans Food Markets, Discount Drug Mart, Stop & Shop Supermarkets, Giant Carlise, Giant Landover and other select retailers.

TIP: Don’t choose throat lozenges with Menthol – you’ll smell like you’re sick and repel customers versus draw them in.

Take Care of Your Body

When your body is fully rested and cared for, you’ll find yourself more focused and motivated on the day of your speech. Make sure you get a full eight hours of sleep. If your nerves are keeping you awake the night before, try drinking some herbal tea and curling up with a good book to take your mind off things. Eat a filling breakfast the morning of your presentation. Avoid anything that might make you feel queasy—stick to whole grains, protein, and fresh fruit to keep you energized. And don’t forget to stay hydrated! Start drinking water early and keep a water bottle with you during your speech, in case you feel your throat start to get dry or you start feeling a little dizzy.

Take a Deep Breath

You are fully physically prepared for this speech—now relax! If you feel your nerves coming on just before your speech, take a few deep, meditated breaths. Try counting your breath as you breathe in and out, slowly. This will lower your heart rate and help you focus.

Now go get ‘em!