More Bang for the Gargle


Salt water gargling is one of those age-old treatments that has been used for many years to help ease the pain of a sore throat. When you gargle with salt water, osmosis takes place in your swollen throat; the salt actually leeches moisture from swollen tissue making the swelling go down and prevents bacteria from growing or proliferating with frequent gargles throughout the day. The result? A natural shield against bacteria.

Gargle Away® is an improvement of the age-old salt-water gargle. Most people loathe gargling due to the taste, hassle and uncertainty of how much salt to use. Now, Gargle Away offers more ‘bang for the gargle,’ offering an advanced formula gargle that addresses total throat care, tastes good with a sweet and savory herb flavor, and is super-convenient in ready to use single-serve packets or single-serve cups. If you’re going to gargle – get the most bang for the gargle with Gargle Away as you feel it instantly soothe your sore and irritated throat, decrease inflammation, loosen mucus and actually help reduce bacteria with it’s highly concentrated antimicrobial recipe. Gargle Away starts showing its magic after a single gargle!

Gargling Just Got Better

Gargle Away’s advanced formula throat gargle helps support and relieve sore throat and laryngitis. The proprietary blend combines 7 all-natural healing ingredients sourced from indigenous areas for heightened curative powers. These ingredients include:

1. Himalayan Salt – With 84 minerals naturally, this pure salt contains no additives and no chemicals. For centuries used by healers from India, Tibet and the world. Helps soothe sore and scratchy throat and eases throat irritation.

2. Organic Honey – Soothes, coats & adds natural sweetness.

3. Licorice Root – A highly soothing traditional germ fighter that has been used for ages to reduce swelling and irritation.

4. Lemon– Naturally antibacterial & anti-inflammatory. Used all over the world- from sore throat suffers to opera singers.

5. Mediterranean Oregano – This essential ingredient has been prized in Europe for its antibacterial properties. For millennia, mothers in Italy and Spain would have their families gargle with this at the first sign of a cold.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar – Used traditionally as a germ fighter. The acid in apple cider vinegar helps to restore natural pH balance.

7. Cayenne Pepper – Used by the Mayans and Aztecs as a natural anesthetic and antibacterial to clear mucus congestion and to reduce discomfort with its potent numbing ability.

Gargle Away’s triple action bacteria control and soothing ingredients are antiseptic, antimicrobial and offer mucus congestion relief to support and condition your throat.

Gargling On-The-Go

For ease and convenience, Gargle Away® comes in pre-measured single-dose, single-serve cups and single dose packets so that you can carry them anywhere you go – work, home, school or travel – for total throat care on demand.