Most UNIQUE Holiday Favor/Novelty Gift!

Gargle Away

This year, stand out. Be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, other holidays or New Years, take your well wishes to friends, family and colleagues to the next level! Combine your heartfelt wishes for good health with an actual dose of wellness. Consider gifting a box of Gargle Away® Advanced Throat Care.  The next time your inner circle feels under the weather from sore throat, laryngitis, itchy, irritated, scratchy throat or vocal strain, you’ll have them covered. And even better, they’ll be impressed that you did the homework choosing the most comprehensive and reliable throat care remedy without a prescription – 100% all natural, and gluten-free.

Gargle Away® helps:

  1. Soothe & relieve sore throat & laryngitis pain fast! Including itchy, scratchy, irritated throat and vocal care
  2. Reduce the staph-aureus bacteria by 99.9%, based on independent laboratory tests
  3. Decrease inflammation
  4. Loosen mucus
  5. Restore natural pH balance
  6. Soothe and suppress cough
  7. Support vocal care

Make it fun. Display a basket of Gargle Away® Advanced Throat Care as your parting gifts at your holiday party with a message wishing a healthy year ahead. Add a Gargle Away 2-pk to holiday stockings. Pass out Gargle Away 6-pks to your colleagues at the office. Include the ingredient benefits so they may be equally informed of the powerful blend of Antibacterial, Pain-Relieving and Deep Soothing ingredients in Gargle Away. Take a look at what’s inside:

Gargle Away Ingredient Slide