Natural Wellness: 5 Steps to Take Before 9 AM

Natural Wellness: 5 Steps to Take Before 9 AM | Nature's Jeannie

Not a morning person? We get it. Dragging yourself out of your comfortable bed to the sound of your blaring alarm clock, which so rudely interrupted your dreams, can be a struggle.

It sounds a little counterintuitive, but waking up just 15-30 minutes earlier than usual can transform the way you view mornings. Having a little extra time to yourself, before the kids wake up, before the world wakes up, to greet the sun and relax, will set you up for a productive and fulfilling day.

Here are 5 steps to take before 9 AM for natural wellness and beauty:

  1. Start With A Hot Shower With DIY Soaps

There’s nothing like a hot shower first thing in the morning to jump-start your senses and prep your mind for the day ahead. To get the best out of your morning bathroom routine, turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa-sanctuary, filled with all-natural and DIY body products. We can’t stress enough how great it feels to make your own soaps and lathers out of simple, natural ingredients. Here are some of our favorite recipes to try at home:

If you have a little extra time, a warm bath is never a bad idea. Check out Nature’s Jeannie’s brand new, all-natural therapeutic bath soaks for a soothing start to your day.

  1. Meditate

After you’re clean and relaxed, take some time to sit down and meditate. Meditation reduces stress and clears the mind, and when practiced first thing in the morning, it helps you stay focused and positive all day long. If you need some guidance, download an app like Stop, Breathe & Think.

  1. Do Some Yoga

After you’ve meditated for a few minutes (even 3-5 minutes will have a positive impact on your day!) practice some easy-going sun salutations. Yoga itself is a kind of meditation. By focusing on your breath as you complete the movements, you’ll be connecting with your inner self, and you’ll feel yourself growing more and more grounded as you go.

  1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! A clean, organic meal first thing in the morning will give you the energy and strength you need to make it through the day. Avocado toast or a healthy green smoothie are both great options.

  1. Write

This one’s a little unconventional, but we think it’s incredibly important. We are at our most creative and introspective when we first wake up. Jotting down a few thoughts into a notebook or a Word document will clear your mind, and it’ll also help you sort through any kind of stress you’re undergoing in a healthy, manageable way.

Your morning ritual will set the tone for the entire day, which is why it’s so important to start your day off calm and with a healthy mindset. We’re hoping the tips mentioned above will help you pave the way to a stress-free day.