Performers Rely on Gargle Away® by Nature’s Jeannie™ to Support Vocal Care

Performers Rely on Gargle Away® by Nature’s Jeannie™ to Support Vocal Care

Performers Rely on Gargle Away® by Nature’s Jeannie™ to Support Vocal Care

Singers, theatre actors and other live vocal performers and broadcasters recognize their voice is their instrument, their lifeblood, and without it would not be able to do what they love. Clever throat care is necessary for these artists to soothe, sustain, and open the range of their vocal power. It’s no surprise that the cast of Heather’s looks forward to group gargles with Gargle Away just before every rehearsal to get them through the difficult music without straining their voices, so they can perform later the same evening. More and more singers, actors and speakers are turning to Gargle Away® as an essential part of their throat and vocal care routine. Here’s why:


All-natural soothing to get you through those rehearsals and vocal overuse


Mystery ingredients can always cause concern, but it’s especially important to avoid introducing unfamiliar substances to your vocal cords when preserving and maintaining your voice is a priority. Performers can’t afford to take risks with their vocal health, and that’s what makes Gargle Away® so appealing. This soothing gargle has a short list of 7 recognizable, all-natural and highly soothing ingredients:


  • Himalayan salt
  • Organic honey
  • Licorice root
  • Lemon
  • Mediterranean oregano
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Cayenne pepper


Each of these ingredients packs a long list of benefits! There are no added preservatives or chemical additives, so you can rest assured that you know exactly how each ingredient is working. Himalayan Salt soothes by decreasing inflammation, Organic Honey coats, Licorice Root calms irritation, Lemon reduces inflammation, Mediterranean Oregano reduces bacteria, Apple Cider Vinegar restores natural pH in the mouth and Cayenne Pepper loosens tough mucus – the combination is a powerhouse of vocal care that performers love to use before every performance. You’ll notice its effects immediately upon use, and the soothing, calming, coating effect will last even after you’re done gargling.


Clears mucus to open vocal range for maximum potential

For years singers have used Tabasco sauce and hot water to gargle with in order to clear their mucus and vocal range. A bit tough to withstand when gargling and not as comprehensive as Gargle Away. Gargle Away has just enough Cayenne Pepper to clear away mucus to open up the maximum vocal range potential, in addition to all the other throat care benefits. Essentially, more bang for the rinse with Gargle Away.


Illness-fighting power to keep you healthy and reliable on the set!


Upper respiratory illness can be a nightmare for vocal performers, but acting at the first sign of illness can help you stave off infections and keep your voice in prime condition. The natural ingredients in Gargle Away® fight bacteria in the throat, helping to avoid illnesses that can take you out of commission and cause vocal strain. While you’re fighting off illness, you’ll loosen any early-onset mucus buildup and reduce coughing too.


Illness is unavoidable sometimes, especially if you travel to bring your voice to new audiences. Having Gargle Away® on your side will keep your most important asset safe and allow you to avoid vocal rest. Keep yourself in action by using this soothing blend whenever you’re starting to feel a cold coming on or that sore, itchy, scratchy, dry, irritated throat.


Convenient and easy to use for on-demand throat care


From opera singers to public speakers, vocal performers are often on the go. Traveling to new venues can make it hard to tote along bulky equipment and complex vocal soothing recipes. Gargle Away® comes in portable single-serve packets that you can easily mix up with any hot water source. We even offer our amazing soothing formula in cups for single-serve brewing machines, so you can pop the cup in the brewer, press a button and drink.


Tuck single-serve packets or Cups into purses, suitcases, briefcases and backpacks for on-the-go vocal care that you can use anywhere. You can even keep a packet in your wallet for emergency use. All you’ll need is a 1/2 cup of hot water and you’re on your way to soothing vocal care that keeps your instrument in top condition. To find a retail store near you that carries Gargle Away, please click here.