Gargle Away K-CUP®


Gargle Away® supports viral and bacterial sore throat and laryngitis – offering fast symptomatic relief and significant bacteria reduction. This proprietary formula is made up of 7 all-natural healing ingredients that provide the most robust, comprehensive and reliable throat care.

  • Quickly soothes sore throat & laryngitis
  • Reduces bacteria by 99.9%*
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Loosens mucus
  • Restores natural pH balance


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Gargle Away® K-Cups® come 8 to a box. For larger quantities inquire via Contact Us. Simply brew or mix contents of one K-CUP® with ½ cup hot water, allow to cool to a warm, gargle, spit and repeat until mixture is finished.

8-PK, Eight single-dose K-CUPs®

*Independent laboratory tests proved “the antimicrobial action of Gargle Away® reduced the Staph-aureus bacteria by 99.9% upon first use.”

**Gargle Away® is not affiliated with KEURIG, Inc. “KEURIG®” and “K-CUP” are registered trademarks of KEURIG, Inc.

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