The Skinny on Sore Throat Remedies

Whether it’s caused by a fun evening of boisterous singing or the onset of a fall cold, a sore throat can put a real damper on your productivity and ultimately get worse and grow into a full blown cold. Here’s the skinny on the 3 most popular throat care options:

  1. Lozenges – On-the-go soother!

Cough drops and throat lozenges contain aromatic ingredients like menthol and peppermint oil to provide immediate but short-lived relief for a sore throat. These single-serve throat treatments are great when you’re on the go, but you’ll find yourself popping them all day long to sustain relief and often feel worse by evening since this is not a treatment but more so a mask for the pain. Nothing wrong with relying on these life-savers on the go, however, you must combine it with something more comprehensive to nip the underlying problem before it gets worse – like a reliable throat care gargle/rinse.

  1. Sweet Citrus Hot Tea – Good soother with gentle heal

Hot beverages work wonders on sore throats—heat tends to be a great soother for any kind of soreness, and the inside of your throat is no exception. Calm some of the dry irritation that plagues you by making yourself a nice cup of hot tea in any flavor or roast style you prefer. Once you’ve got your cup brewed, add a fresh squeeze of lemon juice and some honey into the mix. Honey soothes and lightly coats your throat, while lemon helps calm inflammation. The acid in lemon juice has some mild antimicrobial benefits as well, but chances are you’re not getting enough of it in your tea to really make a big difference – especially on a powerful strain of sore throat bacteria like Staph-aureus or Streptococcus (Strep).

  1. Salt Water Gargle – Temporary relief and gentle heal

When people think throat gargle they traditionally think of the salt-water throat gargle that has been used for generations. Well, here is the skinny. The salt-water rinse is great at decreasing inflammation and therefore offering some soothing effect but it quickly dissipates forcing you to gargle all throughout the day for sustained relief. The salt is considered an antimicrobial ingredient however, not strong enough to rinse away Strep or Staph throat infections – not by a long shot! But don’t lose hope, Gargle Away® by Nature’s Jeannie™ offers an all-natural throat gargle with the power to rinse away Strep and Staph bacterias by 99% and relieve pain fast, loosen mucus and more!

  1. Gargle Away® Throat Care gargle – Immediate relief + powerful healer

Gargle Away® by Nature’s Jeannie™ offers the most bang for the rinse. This savory blend of antimicrobial and highly soothing ingredients goes right for the jugular! The most comprehensive and effective throat care and, it’s 100% all natural! Ingredients like the Mediterranean Oregano help rinse away 99% of the Strep and Staph bacterias, the Cayenne Pepper acts as a natural anesthetic quickly numbing the throat for immediate pain relief and helps loosen the toughest mucus in the throat, which is the hub of where the germs live and prosper. It is critical to rid the mucus! The apple cider vinegar restores the natural pH balance in the throat creating an environment where bacteria struggles to survive. Plus, the anti-inflammatory benefits of lemon and Himalayan Salt, coating effect of honey, soothing benefit of licorice root and additional antibacterial power make this gargle a dream potion for anyone suffering from a sore, itchy, scratchy, dry, irritated throat or laryngitis. Users of Gargle Away have reported a faster recovery time and immediate relief. You can even use Gargle Away to support vocal care – top vocalists rely on Gargle Away for a supple and healthy voice. Comes in pre-portioned single-serve packets for ultimate convenience. No prescription needed.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Best bang for the remedy is Gargle Away Throat Care – most comprehensive and effective throat care remedy.