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6 Preventive Measures To Fight a Cold or Congestion

Did you know that American doctors see more children for colds than any other medical condition? Research by the CDC found that children in the US miss a total of 22 million days of school annually from common colds. This year, the cold and flu season has been particularly brutal in the U.S. with more…

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Cheat Sheet to Defining “Health” Buzzwords

Health buzzwords are overstated in the media and packaging every day. Understanding the meaning behind these words will not only help you make wiser purchase decisions to benefit your lifestyle, but it will arm you to see-through the marketing gimmicks trying to ride the coat tails of legitimate healthful options. For example, there was a…

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Starting To Feel Sick? Here’s What To Do!

  We’ve all been there. The achy body, the sore and scratchy throat, the watery eyes. It’s the first day of what looks like a LONG, sick road ahead. It’s never fun being sick and it’s even worse when that sickness lingers on for days and even weeks!

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