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6 Preventive Measures To Fight a Cold or Congestion

Did you know that American doctors see more children for colds than any other medical condition? Research by the CDC found that children in the US miss a total of 22 million days of school annually from common colds. This year, the cold and flu season has been particularly brutal in the U.S. with more…

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Get Rid of the Mucus, Get Rid of the Cold!

Mucus is more than a mere source of discomfort when you’re sick—it can actually trap the very germs that are making you feel so crummy in the first place, extending your illness or even making it worse. If you want to get rid of your cold and feel better at the same time, a powerful…

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Why Gargling is the Best Remedy For A Sore Throat

It’s 8AM, with a busy day ahead of you and all you feel like doing is crawling back into bed because your head is throbbing, your throat is sore and your body feels like it’s been through a war. The meds you’re taking are helping a bit with the body aches and fever but your…

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