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6 Preventive Measures To Fight a Cold or Congestion

Did you know that American doctors see more children for colds than any other medical condition? Research by the CDC found that children in the US miss a total of 22 million days of school annually from common colds. This year, the cold and flu season has been particularly brutal in the U.S. with more…

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The Skinny on Sore Throat Remedies

Whether it’s caused by a fun evening of boisterous singing or the onset of a fall cold, a sore throat can put a real damper on your productivity and ultimately get worse and grow into a full blown cold. Here’s the skinny on the 3 most popular throat care options:   Lozenges – On-the-go soother!…

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7 Health and Beauty Benefits of Licorice Root

Not too many people know much about Licorice Root or it’s health benefits. Believe it or not, Licorice Root is useful for several conditions including Asthma, Influenza, Chronic Exhaustion, Canker Sores, Coughs, Dandruff and much more.

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