"Oh you beautiful lifesavers!!! I've been using Gargle Away for 2 days now,and while I'm NOT making any medical proclamations the 3 spots I had on my tonsil are now gone!! I love love love this product! I've been plagued with throat infections my whole life and I don't want to be on antibiotics every time. Thank you so much for this product!! Also, is it wrong that I find it super yummy?!" - P.Castro, Montebello, CA 


"Thank you so much for sharing Gargle Away with the world! I definitely needed it for my laryngitis and this stuff is amazing!! Soothed me instantly and had me speaking without pain by morning! I am forever a supporter of Gargle Away. With gratitude, Miss Silvia" - Teacher, Montessori School, CA


After two uses, I had my voice back, and sore throat was gone. I'll continue to use it until everything is back to normal. Makes it easier to use the ingredients I've always known to work, plus additional ingredients for faster action and added benefit. G.Montemarano, West Hempstead, NY, Stop & Shop


”I usually get my most trusted healthcare advice from myself since I am a pharmacist with over 33 years of experience. I was very interested in this product when I read about it in one of the trade journals. I am a big proponent of natural remedies after witnessing the adverse side effects of drugs in so many patients over the decades. When my sample arrived, I happened to have a sore throat! Go figure, it had to be fate. It's a brilliant combination, the perfect storm of ingredients for sore throat symptoms! I became an instant fan of GargleAway and will definitely recommend it to my patients (and always keep a supply on hand at home for my family!). Thanks!” S.Long, Bristol, VA, Website


“I've used cough drops for 4 weeks and I'm on antibiotics and steroids. I took a chance. I couldn't take the pain anymore, I'd try anything [tried Gargle Away]. This stuff is absolutely amazing!! The pepper killed the front of my tongue cause it was raw already but it took the sore throat right away. This stuff is very potent but it works. I am shocked. Thank you!! I am simply amazed at how good this stuff works, my sore throat is completely gone and it has been gone all day since I've used it. My sore throat is gone and I thank you for that. Again I am very impressed and even promoted this stuff on Facebook! Thank you!” B.Robby, Rochester, NY, Website


“In my experience some herbal/natural medicines work better than drugs. The medicines I take for this annual sickness never really seem to work, so I opted to try Gargle Away. After a few gargles it seemed to work better than otc drugs I've used years prior. I feel gargle away soothed and assisted in faster recovery time.M.Heffernan, Rochester, NY


Very satisfied. Because it had instant soothing effect and relief. T.Copparam, Woodbridge Township, NJ, Website


“Great product. Works as promised. Convenient size packs too for those who travel and have to deal with the air in planes. Will be looking to buy the K-Cup version too.” Amazon Customer, Verified Purchase


Very soothing. Worked very well for me.” A.Mason, FaceBook


“The most we like that it is 100 % natural and really works!I.Begishev, Fairport, NY, Website


It works!Y.Hoffman, Amazon


“After gargling with it I felt an instant numbing sensation to my throat. Allowed me to swallow without any soreness or dagger-like pain immediately. Second time I gargled in the evening, in the morning my sore throat was nearly gone. Had to swallow several times to determine if I still had a sore throat. Would definitely purchase this product again. Tip: Keep a pack on hand. Waiting for next day shipping might not sound unreasonable, but when you have a sore throat its forever! Would have preferred using this product a day earlier to do away with my sore throat pain sooner.” T.Flores, Amazon


After many years suffering with tonsil problems, I bought this product. It’s easy to use, helps with soreness, it really works.Leona M., Amazon


“My wife’s throat tends to get sore and it lingers for days on end. Gargle Away has been a God sent. Very pleased and highly recommend. RoboCup CaddyClamp, Amazon


“Amazing stuff! My laryngitis was gone in 2 days!” Amazon Anonymous Customer, Verified purchase


“Fast acting, all natural while nursing.” K.Crandell, Cicero, NY, Website


“Purchased it because it is all natural, gluten free, and sore throat specific. I was very satisfied because it stopped my sore throat.” T.Nicastro, State College, PA, Website

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