Your Go-To Office Survival Kit

Your Go-To Office Survival Kit

Got an Office Survival Kit? Every Well-Prepared, Upwardly Mobile Employee Should Have One, says One Expert
Coping with sudden laryngitis on the day of the big presentation or that chili-stained tie shows you’re a strategic planner and valuable problem solver


Sure, they’re minor office calamities – an unraveling skirt hem, a food-stained tie – but corporate consultant Amanda Mitchell says coping with what comes your way at work can demonstrate to the higher ups that you’re a valuable problem solver and strategic planner.


“It doesn’t matter how minor the nuisance – people who are prepared for anything are the people who impress management,” says Mitchell, an executive coaching and management consultant who’s worked with Fortune 500 companies. “There’s nothing more annoying to a manager or co-workers than constant whining, complaining and drama.”

With a little planning, you can be prepared for those everyday nuisances, she says. One valuable strategy is to keep certain items on hand in your desk or at your work station to address unexpected mini-crises, like sudden laryngitis or bloodshot eyes from a long night.


What’s in Mitchell’s Office Survival Kit? Here are a few of her favorites:


  • SuperGlue®

    – For paper cuts, drooping skirt or pant hems, and a whole lot more.


  • Tide to Go® Spot Remover

    – Jelly from that morning doughnut, the ill-advised side of refried beans, and any mustard/ketchup combo never fail to target your new white shirt. Be prepared.


  • Gargle Away® Throat Care

    – Got a dry, scratchy throat or a mild case of laryngitis, right before that big presentation? Mitchell says Gargle Away is particularly effective in soothing a sore throat and quickly relieves overused voices, and with no alcohol, you’re less likely to fall asleep at your desk or get looped.


  • Visine®

    – Gets the red out as promised, if you’ve had a long night, and it also can address dark circles under your eyes (that same long night) if you dab a couple of drops on the skin below your eyes. Really.