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Health buzzwords are overstated in the media and packaging every day. Understanding the meaning behind these words will not only help you make wiser purchase decisions to benefit your lifestyle, but it will arm you to see-through the marketing gimmicks trying to ride the coat tails of legitimate healthful options. For example, there was a time bottled water was labeled as Trans-fat free – if you knew the meaning of Trans-Fat Free bottled water does not even apply to trans-fat inclusion.


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A comparison of lozenges, throat sprays and popular throat gargles to determine what is best about each, and which is best overall. 


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Whether you are a vocal artist, educator, lawyer or salesman, actor or speaker, there are numerous careers that rely heavily on the voice for one’s success. Just like our intricate bodies that require sleep, the right diet and proper maintenance, our voices require the same level of attention. Here are 5 musts for a healthy voice.


"Oh you beautiful lifesavers!!! I've been using Gargle Away for 2 days now,and while I'm NOT making any medical proclamations the 3 spots I had on my tonsil are now gone!! I love love love this product! I've been plagued with throat infections my whole life and I don't want to be on antibiotics every time. Thank you so much for this product!! Also, is it wrong that I find it super yummy?!" -P.Castro, Montebello, CA

Oh my goodness, I had horrible swollen glands and the most stubborn congestion deep in my ears. I went home and tried Gargle Away, and wow! My ears started draining and it really felt great on my throat. The next day, my throat was 95% better. I used the gargle again, and again it helped break up my stubborn congestion. I will ALWAYS keep this on hand now! I can't recommend it enough!” E.Baldwin, Baldwinsville, NY, Website

After two uses, I had my voice back, and sore throat was gone. I'll continue to use it until everything is back to normal. Makes it easier to use the ingredients I've always known to work, plus additional ingredients for faster action and added benefit. G.Montemarano, West Hempstead, NY, Stop & Shop

It works without chemicals or unwanted side effects. B.Villarreal, Brockton, MA, Website

Very satisfied. Like that it is all-natural and reduces bacteria. T.Visconte, Rochester, NY, Website

*All ingredients and claims for Gargle Away® Throat Care and, Nature’s Jeannie™ Throat Care Spray for Kids, and their specific application can be considered folk remedies which have existed for generations and used globally.  Specific claims related to rinsing away bacteria based on the January 23, 2015 Challenge Study of Food Safety Net Services, an independent laboratory, concluding the antimicrobial action of Gargle Away® Throat Care and Throat Care Spray for Kid's 3+ by Nature’s Jeannie™ contributed to rinsing away at least 99.9% of the Staph-aureus bacteria and 99.3% of the Streptococcus bacteria, and thus has utility in being used as a sore throat remedy. 
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